Cones cycas

Cones cycas

Question: Cycas cones

the cycad of my garden has made a female cone (round 40 cm diameter)) What should I do? Should I cut it and how? Should I now litter the children who are at the base of the plant? thank you

Answer: Cycas cones

Dearest Anna, thank you for contacting us and for asking us for an opinion. The cycas is a dioecious plant or a plant that has male and female specimens. Its growth is particularly slow but this plant is able to adapt to multiple types of environments and this evolutionary strategy was in the past the key to victory in history for this species, allowing it to reach the present day.

There female cycas produces a flower composed of several flowers gathered in a strobile placed at the top of the cycad which has the appearance of a dense and twisted tangle of leaves.

This cone can be treated in different ways depending on the purpose we have. In case you want to fertilize the female cycas and get some seeds will have to take the stroke of the male cycas mature and shake it above the female cone by repeating this operation for several days. This operation facilitates the fertilization of the two plants which in nature are fertilized by the wind which carries the male pollen up to the female flowers.

If, on the other hand, it is not your intention to reproduce cycas plants and you just want to make sure that your plant continues to grow undisturbed, it would be good to remove the cone to prevent the plant from wasting energy in the creation of the cone. Furthermore, even the suckers that he sees at the base of his cycas could be removed if he does not intend to cultivate other seedlings as these also disperse the energy of the plant and can further slow down its growth.

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